New Great News!

Well hello there! It’s so good to be back on a normal schedule again! With Thanksgiving and then #GivingTuesday, things have been a little different than normal. Please know that we are praying for you this holiday season, prayers of wisdom about the reason for the season and prayers of endurance through what could be for some, a rough holiday season. We are so glad that you take a little part of you time to spend with us by reading our blog! Today we wanted to talk about some exciting news!!! God is on the move!

               Guilford County School District has been shut down to all outside groups for a long time now. We have been holding good numbers and percentages for a while. Guilford County has continued loosening their protocols and safety guidelines for the schools. I was attending my daughter’s concert last night and they said it had been over 700 days since their last concert. Their next concert had been scheduled for the day that schools shut down. They even did a nod to those days by performing the pieces they were scheduled to perform. It just shows you the resilience of these children, the tough times they have had to endure, and a jump start into brighter things that lay ahead.

               And then there was this email…a vague sentence that some caught, “GCS would be renewing their facilities use contracts in January”. Wow! What a huge step! But was this the open door for us? After some clarification and double checking…YES!! Guilford County Schools are going to allow us back in! Now it is just a matter of meeting with principals and churches, getting volunteers lined up and some training for the new people. Not only do we look forward to beginning our clubs again in the already established 6 schools, we look forward to working with some new schools. We have a few that are ready to go and was just waiting on this decision to step into what God is planning for these children. We will keep you posted on new opportunities as they arise!

               So what does this mean for you? Well, there are a couple of things that could apply. Do you have an hour to 2 a week free that you could spend working with children in a Good News Club? Do you have time to gather snacks and get them prepared and dropped of to a GNC? Do you want to take the next step in volunteering for a GNC? Head on over to our website at and fill out some information to let us know! Do you have time during the summer to participate in a 5 Day Club? What about prayer? Are you a strong prayer warrior? Visit us at to join our prayer team! Could you donate? Even $10 a month would support a club’s curriculum. Head  over to to donate. We look forward to sharing new updates and going over these different opportunities to partner with us! We will return after Christmas but before the new year. Please have a blessed Christmas and know that we will be praying for you!

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