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CEF has produced free COVID-19 Resources for Children. Check it out and feel free to share.

Check out these videos from “Valued by God

Our friends at the Pocket Testament League have great videos and other resources for parents and children

The Prayer Covenant offers resources to help kids (and their parents) learn to pray

Want to hear a Bible Story? Choose one here

Is life tough?  Are bad things happening? Watch this video.

Listen to the book “Do You Wonder Why?


To hear a Bible story, ask your parent for permission to call toll free 1-888-878-8660 .  You can call every day for a new story.

undefined Check out these cool Wonder Devotional Videos

Focus on the Family is offering a 4 week free trial to Adventures in Odyssey at no cost to you! We don’t even need your credit card. What do you get? Over 900 episodes at your fingertips, 5 family log ins so no one will feel left out, and audio dramas that will engage your children’s hearts and minds and set them on a journey to head straight into God’s heart.

Want to hear the story of a brave woman who took the story of Jesus to another country?  Hear the Amy Carmichael Story

Amy Carmichael

Like to sing?  Sing along here

Sing Along

To receive Bible lessons online or through the mail, go to The Mailbox Club