2022, Oh The Wonderful Things We’ll Do!

So many people are looking to make New Years resolutions in the hopes that they can change something about themselves. Some things are small, like to be nicer or spend more time with family. Some things are a bit more challenging like losing weight or setting aside money for savings. I think that is the wonderful thing about Child Evangelism Fellowship. Our mission is the same but so applicable from year to year. The idea of reaching Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day is a lofty one. A vision that has gotten us through almost 85 years of struggles and joy. Here are a few key programs that help us reach the generations of children that God wants to pour out His love on.

               CYIA, or Christian Youth In Action, is a program for high schoolers and middle schoolers who seek to share the Gospel in tangible ways. The program walks through the Gospel, teaching them who Jesus is. The curriculum also teaches them how to share the Gospel and walks them through how to help someone with their profession of faith in Jesus Christ. CYIA camp is offered for those that would like to attend. They can also be active within a local Good News Club and other CEF events in the community. Most come from the local churches.

               GNC, or Good News Clubs, are clubs that take place typically in local schools but also can be found in local YMCAs and other places where children safely gather and is geared for elementary children. There is a Bible lesson, Gospel Presentation, an invitation and other fun activities, games and songs. These are also staffed by volunteers of local churches and are a safe place where children can learn about Jesus and be in community with other believers. This is a safe place for all children to feel the love of the Lord and to plant the seed of who He is.

               5 Day Clubs are exactly that, they are 5-day long clubs for approximately 1 and ½ hours in length that take place wherever children can safely gather aimed towards elementary aged children. These clubs operate like a Vacation Bible School. They offer Bible lessons, songs, games, and fun activities. All of this while learning about God from volunteers who love to show how God loves each of us. These clubs offer all the benefits of a once weekly club spread out into a week long club for children. It does include the opportunity to confess their need for Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

               These are just a few ways that 85 years of experience and excellence can spawn a love for Jesus in generations going forward. We look forward to all of the ways that we can partner with YOU and your church to impact children all over Guilford and Rockingham Counties! If you are interested, please let us know by visiting https://cefgga.org/contact-us/ ! We pray for many blessings for you and your family this upcoming year! See you next year!

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