Wow! It feels like we were just talking about schools opening back up and here we are with Thanksgiving behind us which means that #GivingTuesday is tomorrow! We often seek to be good stewards of our money and what we donate money to. We also tend to hold onto money for a burger or coffee instead of joyfully giving to God what belongs to Him. Hold on, before you close the window, please give me a few minutes and hear my heart. Giving is never easy, it takes away what we see as resources coming into our home and spends it in ways that we don’t necessarily get to participate in. A non-profit is not going to invite you to the store with them to purchase office supplies, but we can peel back the layers and show you how your money is used and how we can multiply it for God’s kingdom.

                Child Evangelism Fellowship’s goal is to reach every child, every nation, every day with the Gospel. We stand steady on the Word of God and use it to teach children about who God is. (For more on how it works, see last week’s blog – Why Do We NEED Good News Clubs?). When you donate to CEF, you are directly getting the Gospel into children’s hands and hearts in your neighborhood & in Guilford and Rockingham Counties! We multiply your money by partnering with others to launch additional programs and take advantage of additional resources made available to us. Through generous donations we will be passing out hundreds of Christmas Gift Bags to children this year alone! These will include books such as Do You Wonder Why (past blog on that as well!), tracts telling them of God’s love for them, DVDs and so much more! These bags will give children a direct look into how much God loves them, how they can be saved, how they can talk to God, and great and sound biblical principles. These bags also include links to additional resources, QR codes with videos to watch, and a card to join our Mailbox Club. The Mailbox Club is a way for children to learn God’s word and to have fun doing so no matter where they are located! We also take time to pass out these bags and literature during special events and outreach in the community.

                Good News Clubs take money to start and maintain. Thankfully all volunteer training is free! There is costs incurred when we rent space from the school or another venue. When you have multiple clubs going, this cost can add up quickly. Depending on the number of students in a club, we might need a lot of the CEF curriculum and materials to be able to effectively present the Bible lesson and the Gospel. This is another area where we typically partner with churches to cover the cost of materials and the space needed. Wouldn’t it be so great if we could cover the cost of Good News Clubs on a regular basis and imagine the number of Good News Clubs that could be supported by a single church if those burdens were taken from them. CEF, Greater Greensboro, we are always looking for ways to engage our community, Guilford, and Rockingham Counties. There are some new areas that we would like to step into in the upcoming year, but it will take help, YOUR help, and the amount we get will determine how fast we are able to explore these opportunities.

                So maybe you don’t have disposable income like some. Isn’t it funny that we may not think of ourselves as rich, but we live in a society where there are enough people with extra funds that a term like “disposable income” is coined? How much can you give? Will you take lunch one extra day a week and give that $5 to CEF? Will you add some flavored creamer to your home coffee instead of stopping at Starbucks for a 3rd time this week? Or maybe you are like some that have extra income, would you step out in faith and do a monthly offering to help propel us to our goals even faster? What would your children say, and what would they give up to have a Good News Club in their school? Take time to set up your donation today ahead of #GivingTuesday at https://my.eftplus.com/App/Form/f05a7680-93a3-4c80-8a8b-554664515219 , or text Give to 336-559-4001 . You will not regret it as lives are changed when kids put their trust in Jesus Christ! You may not be the one sharing the Gospel, but your donations are making it possible for someone else to share!

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