Do You Wonder Why Part 2

So, what do we need to remember? God loves us and wants good things in our lives. He doesn’t enjoy seeing us in pain or sad. He wants to make us whole again and be with Him one day. He wants to comfort us and take all of our anxieties, be by our side as we go through this journey. 1 Peter 5:7. Sin separates us from God. God’s way to take care of the sin problem was to send His son, Jesus, to take the punishment that you and I deserve. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 states that Jesus died for our sins and God brought him back to life again after 3 days. Plenty of people saw Jesus after he died, before He went to heaven to be with God, so we know this is true. In John 1:12 we are told that if we believe this completely, and ask to be forgiven, then we will become God’s child.

So, what’s next? You can pray a simple prayer and put your faith and trust in Jesus today. You can talk to Him anytime. You can talk to Him right now if you would like. You can use words like these “Dear God, I know I’ve sinned and I’m sorry, I know Jesus is your son who died for me and came to life again. I receive Jesus as my savior. Thank you for making me your child, in Jesus’ name, Amen. “

What happens when we do this? Once we have done this our sins are forgiven and we are one of God’s children. God will be there to comfort us and help heal us from the hurt we are feeling now. He will never leave us or give up on us. Someday we will go to heaven and live with God where there is no suffering, pain, or death. We can talk to Him anytime. He is there to listen to us and be a helper to us! That is what prayer is, talking to God. We can even tell Him things we do not want to tell anyone else.

So, does this mean bad things won’t happen anymore? No, bad things will still happen in this world because people are given a choice in what they do. The good news is that we won’t be alone. God will be there for us to help us. It tells us in Hebrews 13:5 that He will never leave us. The Bible goes on to say that God is our helper, and we don’t need to be afraid. God loves us so much He gave us His word in the Bible. It has many passages about different things we go through and feel so we can get His help in our tough times such as Psalm 145:18. God is our creator and friend, and we can turn to Him anytime. Join us next week, the same day and time for more from Child Evangelism Fellowship!

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