Do You Wonder Why, Part 1

Kids can ask some tough questions. If we google “tough questions from kids” we will be able to dive into some of the most common fears that children have. Fears such as, will we die, why is there pain, why are there bad people, etc. These can often trigger its own negative response in a parent such as their own fears, shutting down, or avoiding the questions. Equipping ourselves ahead of time with truth and knowledge will help us get through some of these concerns. So, what are those questions and where do we find the truth to combat the fears?

Terrible things often happen in our world. They may affect many people including our own family. 

Have things in your life made you afraid, scared or angry?   It is natural to have feelings of helplessness or anger occasionally and feelings of sadness where you just want to cry.  Crying sometimes makes you feel better.  Jesus experienced some of these feelings and wept.  He is sad when terrible things happen to us because He loves us and He weeps as a result of it, John 11:32-36 and Luke 19:41.

Another question could be, “Does He even care about me?”  Ps 139:13 tells us “He knitted me together in my mother’s womb”.  He cares so much that He even knows how many hairs we have on our head, Luke 12:7.  His love for us lasts forever, no matter what our thoughts or feelings are, Jeremiah 31:3.  We may wonder why so many bad things happen in the world, like disasters and floods, fighting and death. These things were not in God’s plan when He created the world that was perfect in every way, Genesis 1:25.

Where did things go wrong, you might ask?  It started when Adam and Eve chose to ignore God and instead chose to do what they wanted to instead. Disobeying God is called sin. Every person is born with a sinful nature.  This sometimes comes out when kids spread rumors or bully each other, sometimes it is stealing from others or lying. 

How do we combat this?  We must start with a sound mind that focuses on God and His Word, the Bible, Timothy 1:7. Our mind often propels forward the desires of our heart. Once our mind is sound, we can work on our hearts and loving those around us, Mark 12:31.

Searching for more answers? Join us next week on Friday when we continue this message!

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