Why do we NEED Good News Clubs?

                Sometimes I often wonder about that thin line. The line between a want and need. Do I really need another cheeseburger? But I really want that pair of shoes! How bad do I really need to pay these things this month? I know one area where I do not question the difference between want and need. That is when it comes to Good News Clubs. Good News Clubs provide many essentials for a thriving child, and we will dive more into how that looks and in what practical way it is beneficial to have a GNC.

                Good News Clubs provide an education. This education may be in the form of learning practical things, such as new words and larger words, or even an education in how to deal with others. We all know there is that “one person” that aggravates the group or has behavioral issues. A Good News Club is a great place for that child to find help as well as a safe place for all children to learn how to interact with others who are different from them. Bible verses, song, and a Bible lesson are all part of the Good News Club experience. Research has shown the importance of music and movement in the developmental stages.  The lessons provide real stories about God and man, stories of redemption and faith, stories of healing after heartache. They provide an education about right vs wrong, how to own up to your mistakes, and how to get back on the right path when you stray.

                Good News Clubs provide a safe place of community for a child. Each child needs to connect to other children. As adults we fill this when we desire to have friends in our lives. In a group setting, a child can learn from other children who are facing things that they are facing as well. They can find a community of acceptance and stability in the adults that interact with the children. These adults that spend their time volunteering often adopt the school, taking care of needs and filling voids that would otherwise be overlooked. They often take care of the overlooked child as well, providing a safe space and even at times, filling basic needs for the family. They provide friendships for these children that last well past high school. There are opportunities to continue to be a part of Good News Clubs and Child Evangelism Fellowship through middle school and into high school years. Being able to stick together with other children who are all heading in the same direction helps to stabilize children and provide a more supportive atmosphere. It takes a village to raise a child and we will help provide that village to children in our Good News Clubs and those schools.

                Good and sound Biblical lessons and principles are taught in Good News Clubs, all straight from the Bible. There is no fudging or straying from the truth of God’s word. The volunteers have all been trained to teach using a method designed by CEF, using the Bible and CEF produced curriculum. These are written by CEF who has been around teaching sound biblical principals for 84 years. This teaching method and sound Biblical based curriculum have been used for approximately 84 years. Each Bible lesson is combined with a presentation of the Gospel. Through the Good News Clubs kids will understand who God is, how Jesus gave His life to show how much He loves them, and because of His sacrifice on the cross our sins can be forgiven, which allows them to live in heaven with Him for eternity!

Join us next week, same day, for more ways YOU can help children with the Gospel!

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