Wow! It feels like we were just talking about schools opening back up and here we are with Thanksgiving behind us which means that #GivingTuesday is tomorrow! We often seek to be good stewards of our money and what we donate money to. We also tend to hold onto money for a burger or coffee instead of joyfully giving to God what belongs to Him. Hold on, before you close the window, please give me a few minutes and hear my heart. Giving is never easy, it takes away what we see as resources coming into our home and spends it in ways that we don’t necessarily get to participate in. A non-profit is not going to invite you to the store with them to purchase office supplies, but we can peel back the layers and show you how your money is used and how we can multiply it for God’s kingdom.

                Child Evangelism Fellowship’s goal is to reach every child, every nation, every day with the Gospel. We stand steady on the Word of God and use it to teach children about who God is. (For more on how it works, see last week’s blog – Why Do We NEED Good News Clubs?). When you donate to CEF, you are directly getting the Gospel into children’s hands and hearts in your neighborhood & in Guilford and Rockingham Counties! We multiply your money by partnering with others to launch additional programs and take advantage of additional resources made available to us. Through generous donations we will be passing out hundreds of Christmas Gift Bags to children this year alone! These will include books such as Do You Wonder Why (past blog on that as well!), tracts telling them of God’s love for them, DVDs and so much more! These bags will give children a direct look into how much God loves them, how they can be saved, how they can talk to God, and great and sound biblical principles. These bags also include links to additional resources, QR codes with videos to watch, and a card to join our Mailbox Club. The Mailbox Club is a way for children to learn God’s word and to have fun doing so no matter where they are located! We also take time to pass out these bags and literature during special events and outreach in the community.

                Good News Clubs take money to start and maintain. Thankfully all volunteer training is free! There is costs incurred when we rent space from the school or another venue. When you have multiple clubs going, this cost can add up quickly. Depending on the number of students in a club, we might need a lot of the CEF curriculum and materials to be able to effectively present the Bible lesson and the Gospel. This is another area where we typically partner with churches to cover the cost of materials and the space needed. Wouldn’t it be so great if we could cover the cost of Good News Clubs on a regular basis and imagine the number of Good News Clubs that could be supported by a single church if those burdens were taken from them. CEF, Greater Greensboro, we are always looking for ways to engage our community, Guilford, and Rockingham Counties. There are some new areas that we would like to step into in the upcoming year, but it will take help, YOUR help, and the amount we get will determine how fast we are able to explore these opportunities.

                So maybe you don’t have disposable income like some. Isn’t it funny that we may not think of ourselves as rich, but we live in a society where there are enough people with extra funds that a term like “disposable income” is coined? How much can you give? Will you take lunch one extra day a week and give that $5 to CEF? Will you add some flavored creamer to your home coffee instead of stopping at Starbucks for a 3rd time this week? Or maybe you are like some that have extra income, would you step out in faith and do a monthly offering to help propel us to our goals even faster? What would your children say, and what would they give up to have a Good News Club in their school? Take time to set up your donation today ahead of #GivingTuesday at https://my.eftplus.com/App/Form/f05a7680-93a3-4c80-8a8b-554664515219 , or text Give to 336-559-4001 . You will not regret it as lives are changed when kids put their trust in Jesus Christ! You may not be the one sharing the Gospel, but your donations are making it possible for someone else to share!

Why do we NEED Good News Clubs?

                Sometimes I often wonder about that thin line. The line between a want and need. Do I really need another cheeseburger? But I really want that pair of shoes! How bad do I really need to pay these things this month? I know one area where I do not question the difference between want and need. That is when it comes to Good News Clubs. Good News Clubs provide many essentials for a thriving child, and we will dive more into how that looks and in what practical way it is beneficial to have a GNC.

                Good News Clubs provide an education. This education may be in the form of learning practical things, such as new words and larger words, or even an education in how to deal with others. We all know there is that “one person” that aggravates the group or has behavioral issues. A Good News Club is a great place for that child to find help as well as a safe place for all children to learn how to interact with others who are different from them. Bible verses, song, and a Bible lesson are all part of the Good News Club experience. Research has shown the importance of music and movement in the developmental stages.  The lessons provide real stories about God and man, stories of redemption and faith, stories of healing after heartache. They provide an education about right vs wrong, how to own up to your mistakes, and how to get back on the right path when you stray.

                Good News Clubs provide a safe place of community for a child. Each child needs to connect to other children. As adults we fill this when we desire to have friends in our lives. In a group setting, a child can learn from other children who are facing things that they are facing as well. They can find a community of acceptance and stability in the adults that interact with the children. These adults that spend their time volunteering often adopt the school, taking care of needs and filling voids that would otherwise be overlooked. They often take care of the overlooked child as well, providing a safe space and even at times, filling basic needs for the family. They provide friendships for these children that last well past high school. There are opportunities to continue to be a part of Good News Clubs and Child Evangelism Fellowship through middle school and into high school years. Being able to stick together with other children who are all heading in the same direction helps to stabilize children and provide a more supportive atmosphere. It takes a village to raise a child and we will help provide that village to children in our Good News Clubs and those schools.

                Good and sound Biblical lessons and principles are taught in Good News Clubs, all straight from the Bible. There is no fudging or straying from the truth of God’s word. The volunteers have all been trained to teach using a method designed by CEF, using the Bible and CEF produced curriculum. These are written by CEF who has been around teaching sound biblical principals for 84 years. This teaching method and sound Biblical based curriculum have been used for approximately 84 years. Each Bible lesson is combined with a presentation of the Gospel. Through the Good News Clubs kids will understand who God is, how Jesus gave His life to show how much He loves them, and because of His sacrifice on the cross our sins can be forgiven, which allows them to live in heaven with Him for eternity!

Join us next week, same day, for more ways YOU can help children with the Gospel!

Do You Wonder Why Part 2

So, what do we need to remember? God loves us and wants good things in our lives. He doesn’t enjoy seeing us in pain or sad. He wants to make us whole again and be with Him one day. He wants to comfort us and take all of our anxieties, be by our side as we go through this journey. 1 Peter 5:7. Sin separates us from God. God’s way to take care of the sin problem was to send His son, Jesus, to take the punishment that you and I deserve. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 states that Jesus died for our sins and God brought him back to life again after 3 days. Plenty of people saw Jesus after he died, before He went to heaven to be with God, so we know this is true. In John 1:12 we are told that if we believe this completely, and ask to be forgiven, then we will become God’s child.

So, what’s next? You can pray a simple prayer and put your faith and trust in Jesus today. You can talk to Him anytime. You can talk to Him right now if you would like. You can use words like these “Dear God, I know I’ve sinned and I’m sorry, I know Jesus is your son who died for me and came to life again. I receive Jesus as my savior. Thank you for making me your child, in Jesus’ name, Amen. “

What happens when we do this? Once we have done this our sins are forgiven and we are one of God’s children. God will be there to comfort us and help heal us from the hurt we are feeling now. He will never leave us or give up on us. Someday we will go to heaven and live with God where there is no suffering, pain, or death. We can talk to Him anytime. He is there to listen to us and be a helper to us! That is what prayer is, talking to God. We can even tell Him things we do not want to tell anyone else.

So, does this mean bad things won’t happen anymore? No, bad things will still happen in this world because people are given a choice in what they do. The good news is that we won’t be alone. God will be there for us to help us. It tells us in Hebrews 13:5 that He will never leave us. The Bible goes on to say that God is our helper, and we don’t need to be afraid. God loves us so much He gave us His word in the Bible. It has many passages about different things we go through and feel so we can get His help in our tough times such as Psalm 145:18. God is our creator and friend, and we can turn to Him anytime. Join us next week, the same day and time for more from Child Evangelism Fellowship!

Do You Wonder Why, Part 1

Kids can ask some tough questions. If we google “tough questions from kids” we will be able to dive into some of the most common fears that children have. Fears such as, will we die, why is there pain, why are there bad people, etc. These can often trigger its own negative response in a parent such as their own fears, shutting down, or avoiding the questions. Equipping ourselves ahead of time with truth and knowledge will help us get through some of these concerns. So, what are those questions and where do we find the truth to combat the fears?

Terrible things often happen in our world. They may affect many people including our own family. 

Have things in your life made you afraid, scared or angry?   It is natural to have feelings of helplessness or anger occasionally and feelings of sadness where you just want to cry.  Crying sometimes makes you feel better.  Jesus experienced some of these feelings and wept.  He is sad when terrible things happen to us because He loves us and He weeps as a result of it, John 11:32-36 and Luke 19:41.

Another question could be, “Does He even care about me?”  Ps 139:13 tells us “He knitted me together in my mother’s womb”.  He cares so much that He even knows how many hairs we have on our head, Luke 12:7.  His love for us lasts forever, no matter what our thoughts or feelings are, Jeremiah 31:3.  We may wonder why so many bad things happen in the world, like disasters and floods, fighting and death. These things were not in God’s plan when He created the world that was perfect in every way, Genesis 1:25.

Where did things go wrong, you might ask?  It started when Adam and Eve chose to ignore God and instead chose to do what they wanted to instead. Disobeying God is called sin. Every person is born with a sinful nature.  This sometimes comes out when kids spread rumors or bully each other, sometimes it is stealing from others or lying. 

How do we combat this?  We must start with a sound mind that focuses on God and His Word, the Bible, Timothy 1:7. Our mind often propels forward the desires of our heart. Once our mind is sound, we can work on our hearts and loving those around us, Mark 12:31.

Searching for more answers? Join us next week on Friday when we continue this message!

God Is On The Move!

Wow! Let me tell you about my Jesus and all of the great things that He is doing! What a difference a week makes. After having the Good News Clubs in session for one week, we have had the opportunity for almost 100 children to participate in a Club! Of these, 4 were counseled further on salvation and the next steps to take! So, what do we, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and the community take away from this? Children are searching for ways to be connected to each other and to God, their Father. In the next few weeks, we will be starting 3 new Good News Clubs within Guilford County. These range from High Point to the Eastern side of Greensboro. God is on the move in Guilford County opening new doors for CEF as Guilford County Schools remain closed to all outside groups. This leaves us asking a question…..what happens to all those unchurched children and what can we do to help them? Those unchurched children may have to walk through life without God the Father walking alongside them as they navigate through this crazy world. They will not experience all of the blessings our loving Father has to offer, instead they will experience what this world throws at them. This leaves them asking many questions and “Wondering Why” they feel so empty and fearful. Do not fear is a command that is often given in the Bible, yet without Jesus, fear will take control and prevent kids from following God’s plan for their lives. So, what can be done to help? Well, it’s kind of a simple idea with lots of moving parts. You can pray, volunteer, donate, spread the word of who CEF is and what Good News Clubs can do for children in our area. Church can partner with CEF by praying, donating, sponsoring a Good News Club, and recruiting volunteers to serve in the Good News Club to reach children in their area. CEF will be there bridging the distance between schools, churches, and volunteers; also by providing curriculum, training the volunteers, and provide out 84 years of experience evangelizing, discipling, and connecting kids and families to local churches. Elementary schools can partner with CEF and the local church to watch God change the lives of children, their schools, and their communities. What message do we want to reach them with? A message of love, hope, and wonder authored by a loving and forgiving God who seeks to always be with them. He promises to never leave us, and desires to be our helper and provider. Therefore, kids need not to be afraid and put their trust in God, the creator of all things! Check back with us next week, same day and place, for the answers to some tough questions children are asking and where those answers can be found.

New “Good News”

Let me tell you about my Jesus and all the ways He is working. Child Evangelism Fellowship is so excited that kids are back in school again! Not only is this an exciting time of year normally, but let’s be honest….normal hasn’t happened in a while and kids crave that! Reopening of schools allows us the change to rebuild those relationships with kids, YOUR kids, and a chance to learn new faces! Good News Clubs bring the gospel and hope to many children throughout the world (ALL but ONE country!) and more importantly, here in our own back yard. Rockingham County is up and running with 3 Good News Clubs starting this fall and more of them to come! Guilford County has currently elected not to open their schools to any outside groups at this time. This does NOT mean that we aren’t getting creative with ideas on how to reach our community. Please pray about this….(and more to come)…we KNOW God is working! We are excited for all that God is doing with the children and looking forward to all the open doors this creates between schools and churches. Check back with us each week to see all the things we are stepping into, how your donations are being used, and tips to answering some of life’s toughest questions.

NEW Good News Club Opportunities

New Good News Clubs are being scheduled now to begin when schools reopen to after school activities

We have opportunities to begin clubs in schools, YMCAs, and child care centers.  All we need are volunteers who will commit to leading clubs.  If you are interested, please fill out the form below, and someone will contact you.  Or call our office at 336-645-8877