The Mark of a Mother

               Mom’s play a vital role in a child’s development. They help shape their character, beliefs and dreams for the future. It’s no secret that mother’s have a tough job. Most mothers have a job as well. There are times when they get burnt out, and that is understandable. Today, I am here to give you a bit of encouragement.

               When you look at the Bible, these are the lives of real people. The testimony these stories give comes from women from Jochebed all the way to Mary, mother of Jesus. These weave an interesting tapestry of women that have been at the bottom of the barrel of life, mothers who were at their end all the way to women who are the most revered. It doesn’t matter how long you may have held your child, how long you carried them in your womb, you are still a mother. Jochebed was faced with the tough choice, to keep Moses or give him away. The worry and sadness she must have felt, but our everlasting Father had a plan for him. The Bible talks about miscarriages too. Some mothers are mothers’ multiple times before one is brought into this world. Know that the Father sees you, He knows your pain and He wants to help take that away. He honors you as a mother, He cherishes the child you carried, and He will reunite you one day! He sees the woman who lost her child early in life. The void that nothing but the love of God can begin to fill. He sees those sleepless nights, the worry that creased your brow. He can take that hurt and turn it into something beautiful if you invite Him in. I think one of the most refreshing things to know as a mother is that God covers the areas where we lack. As a mother of multiple kids, one who turns 18 today, I have learned a lot. God sees our struggle with choices as we try to guide our children on the right path. He knows the times where we are concerned about the decisions our children are making. He also carries concern for each person, each of His children as we go astray and run from Him. He rejoices with us when we see our children succeed. He knows the depth of our joy as we watch them grow and achieve their dreams. He showed His faithfulness as Elizabeth believed in the future with a child in it. He showed His compassion to Naomi by providing loving daughters in law who honored her and looked after her. He provides joy for us in the moments when we hear our children’s laughter. He gives us a spirit of contentment when the day is over, and they are tucked into bed at night. He shows us a glimpse of the joy He has for us when we watch our kids score their first goal or advance in the school spelling bee. Know today, mother, that you are loved by the Lord Almighty and He seeks to bring you all the best there is in life. Proverbs 31:28 tells us “Her children will rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her”. We know that children are a gift from God, a heritage from the Lord (Psalm 127:3) and therefore He is placing a reward in our hands ahead of time. To those that don’t get hugs as often, who hear “I love you” a bit less frequently, hang in there. They are trying to spread their wings and reinforce their independence. That doesn’t mean that they need you less, it just means they need to explore some more on their own. No matter how big they get though, they will forever be our children.

Thank you to all the moms out there! No matter how long you’ve been a mom, know that we see you and you rock! Here at CEF and working with kids we know that it can be hard some days. On those days, hold your memories and God close, He will get you though. We hope that you have a blessed Mother’s Day. A day where you can be celebrated and cherished!

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