Pair & Share

Pair & Share

               Did you know that I know that there are things you can do better than me?….Interesting thought isn’t it? We so often react out of a place that’s so opposite of that, knowledge of things that we can do better than someone else. Did you also know you were made to need the help of others? We so often throw around “it takes a village to raise a child” without truly taking that to heart within our own lives. We may even be quick to identify when, in our eyes, someone needs that village. We are also like children at an adult age, there are things we are still learning and struggling with. These ideas are not separate, they are parallel! Not too long-ago families lived together. Even when they stopped that, they lived in the same community. It allowed them to be there for each other, at times to support each other in their strengths, and at other times to be the ones receiving the strength of others. This is how you pair and share. Taking the beauty and intricacies of your story and relaying them to someone else. This gives freedom from the bondage and shame while giving a living testimony to those around you. Often times, there is someone in your circle who needs to hear your story and receive the blessings of your gifts! Would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone and share today?

Divide & Destroy

               Our other option….cue Jaws music. When we take ourselves out of the equation, when we divide ourselves from others, when we refuse to accept the needs of our heart and minds for others it creates so much bad stuff inside of us.  The seclusion and lack of people gives room for false thoughts, critical analysis of ourselves and time to ruminate on the short comings in our lives.  It gives a jumping off point for us to become so torn up inside of our heads that we can’t accept help or know how to ask for it. It gives a foothold for negative self-talk and negative talk about the world. There is mostly a darkness and not much light to dispel that thought. This breeds hate, anger, anxiety, stress, insecurities, loneliness, lack of identity and the list goes on and on…it can destroy you! This leaks out into your relationships with those that are around you or come into contact with you. This squashes not only your dreams but, based on how we react, can do that to others too.

A Better Choice

               There is always a better choice. Not only does Jesus teach us the beauty of living in community, in paring & sharing, but He’s also there when it hurts to do so. He teaches us to have grace and mercy for those, when in their humanness just like us, make mistakes or hurt others. He puts so many awesome people in your life for many specific reasons. When someone stops to share their talents, they get a chance to watch His work flourish. You get to be blessed to share in a moment of joy in their lives.

               Which do YOU want to choose? Are you willing to open up? Are you willing to really LIVE in community? Are you willing to share your talents and knowledge? Are there some areas in your life that you could use some help? What are the talents God has blessed you with?

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