God is STILL present!

                I admit to struggling sometimes with taking a look around the world and wondering if God still cares, if He is still here. We (CEFGGA) are facing some challenges, our families and friends are, people are dealing with war, there are prayers going up all over the world for things we can’t begin to fathom. So where do we find Him? How can we still see Him working? Life can be a roller coaster of ups and downs, but He is always there, ever present and working for you.

                The last few weeks have brought some interesting dilemmas, some opportunities for us to take the higher ground or fall flat on our face. The opportunity to pour love into a situation or anger and frustration. I think that is the beautiful thing about CEF, the way they love! It’s not a passive, small gesture…it’s running after you just like Jesus would! I have seen that, within different levels of CEF, the passion these people feel for children, YOUR children bring them to tears and shouts of triumph right alongside of these families that are served. They don’t seek to judge or condemn, they don’t wish to get caught up in drama, they seek to give love as pure as snow. We don’t talk with kids about certain subjects, those are left to the parents (sorry! Haha) and we don’t start naming sins to look down on or point a finger in your face. God made us all, perfectly imperfect! Through drawing closer to Jesus, it is up to HIM (NOT us) to identify those sins, those things they keep hidden and continue to work on. It is through a relationship with the Savior that true redemption and change can begin. I think sometimes that can be thrown back up at us “So you need us to change, huh?” with a sneer. We all need to change. If we are honest with ourselves and search our hearts, there are areas where we could ALL use some help and guidance. We exist to love those children (and families!) where they are and will be there to support and help them through the storms of life. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world! Such a simple children’s song but one that gets to the heart of the matter and the neat thing is we are ALL children of Christ. He is present in the love that is shown when we love on the least of those as well…the needy, the homeless, the hurting. We ALL have the power to make a difference in the world around us by showing that God is still present in our hearts.        

                Speaking of difference….we are excited to share that God is present in something new, in the way of a Good News Club Across the Web (GNAW). This will be an exciting and engaging experience that children all over the globe can have right in their living rooms! GNAW will begin March 27th at 6PM. This is a FREE club that EVERY child can take part in. There will be a Bible lesson, songs, games and exciting leaders! If this is something that you are interested in, please visit https://form.jotform.com/220305354781148 to register for this club. We would love to have you take part and invite your friends! We are excited to see all the different ways God can meet children, people, right where they are! Do you know some kids in your neighborhood that you would love to join? Contact us at cefgreatergso@gmail.com for a flyer that you can distribute! We are excited for all the new opportunities and ways we will see that God is present in this!

                His presence is here. Even if it is hard to feel, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Take some time to clear your mind and focus on God. Listen for that still, small voice! Let Him guide you into all the things that He has planned for your future. If you are still finding it hard to feel and see His presence, step outside. Go stand in the sun for a bit. Listen to the sound of God’s creation surrounding you. Take some time to do something nice for someone. Step out of your comfort zone and bless a homeless person. Oftentimes when we take the focus off of ourselves and put an effort into someone else’s life we can see 2 things. First, our life isn’t as bad as we thought, and second, God is moving in our lives even when we don’t see it. He IS still present.

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