Getting It Right

               Child Evangelism Fellowship has a long history of getting it right, for 85 year actually. Their mission has always been to spread the Gospel far and wide to impact as many people as possible. This starts with evangelizing the children and in turn they evangelize to their parents and their friends. Children have an important role when it comes to reaching the next generations. They will grow up to be the leaders of society and so we must start young in the mission to help them to know God. We must work with them to foster a healthy working knowledge of Jesus Christ and live on mission no matter where they are.

               If you have been following the blog at all, you know we have covered a wide array of topics. These include giving, serving, parenting and Gospel advice. We seek to equip as many people as possible with the knowledge of who Jesus is so they can spread it far and wide. Our blog is just one of the many tools that we use to share information and help others, especially kids, in their walk with Christ. This is where YOU come in! We want to hear from you! What things would you like to read about? Is there anything you want us to dive further into? Needing knowledge on a specific program or resources for a particular age group? We are here to help! Seriously, send us a message on our website or email us at . Please know that our desire is to better serve YOU! To reach out to you, educate you, and give you encouragement! All questions and comments will be reviewed, and we look forward to going over them in the coming weeks.

               We are excited to announce a new blog “featuring” series. These will be brought to you by experienced pastors and child care workers. Highlighting our K-5 range of topics such as authority, school, bullying and image. We will also explore a little bit of the older kids. What would you, as a parent, want to know as you enter middle and high school years? Hear from those who have experience with those ages and how to approach them. This blog series will begin happening soon, once a month, on the 3rd Friday of the month.

               We are happy to also announce another new series that will feature interviews with staff, volunteers and others that are involved in CEF and the Greater Greensboro Area. This will be a weekly blog as well, occurring on the 4th Friday of each month. These blogs will dive into who these people are, their hearts for this ministry and some of their future goals and ideas. We are looking forward to discovering more about the people that are the heart of this ministry and all they do for the children.

               We look forward to bringing you new and exciting things as they happen, “getting it right”, and bringing you fresh new looks from the inside of CEF. See you next week!

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