CEF Materials

  I know we have bragged to you and hinted to you about these great CEF materials that we have and utilize throughout parts of our ministry. Common references to tracts and gospel tools can leave some people scratching their head. Today I figured I would take some time and highlight a few of our CEF tried and true materials. Some of them have been around and stood the test of time. Other materials are new productions as we strive to keep up with the times and current issues.

              Our curriculum has been around for a long time. We have series based around certain topics like Salvation, Beginnings, Reigning and Sovereignty. These all have different lessons included in the lesson series such as God : The Creator King, Jesus : God Who Saves, Jesus : God of Power and Glory, and Jesus : God Who Cares For People. These lessons are presented each week and there are plans for parties included in the lesson series curriculum. These lessons include a Gospel presentation, Wonder Time, music, memory verse, small group suggestions, and so much more! The lessons are broken down into smaller digestible chunks for the leaders. This makes it more effective for the leaders and a smoother presentation for the children.

              The word tracts may leave some scratching their head or some waving you away. You may be used to those outdated little flyers that are unappealing, but these are so much better! CEF tracts touch on real world issues and current titles. One of their most recent publications talks about the recent pandemic and how that relates to Jesus. We have tracts for “seasoned Christians”, such as a Mini Bible Guide you can put in your bible that gives references to certain topics. We have seasonal topics and Spanish titles as well!

              CEF Press has put out a few outstanding devotionals! These range from What a God, Let’s Talk about God, Standing for God, and a few others. We even have titles in Spanish! These devotional booklets seek to talk to children, on their level, about Jesus and making good choices. This includes 60 days of a short Bible passage and a short devotional on a variety of topics aimed at creating a deeper relationship with God. These are all newer publications from CEF.

              These are just a few of the tools that we are equipped with. If you are interested in any, please contact our local office at 336-645-8877. We look forward to sharing more on these tools in the future!

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