God Is On The Move!

Wow! Let me tell you about my Jesus and all of the great things that He is doing! What a difference a week makes. After having the Good News Clubs in session for one week, we have had the opportunity for almost 100 children to participate in a Club! Of these, 4 were counseled further on salvation and the next steps to take! So, what do we, Child Evangelism Fellowship, and the community take away from this? Children are searching for ways to be connected to each other and to God, their Father. In the next few weeks, we will be starting 3 new Good News Clubs within Guilford County. These range from High Point to the Eastern side of Greensboro. God is on the move in Guilford County opening new doors for CEF as Guilford County Schools remain closed to all outside groups. This leaves us asking a question…..what happens to all those unchurched children and what can we do to help them? Those unchurched children may have to walk through life without God the Father walking alongside them as they navigate through this crazy world. They will not experience all of the blessings our loving Father has to offer, instead they will experience what this world throws at them. This leaves them asking many questions and “Wondering Why” they feel so empty and fearful. Do not fear is a command that is often given in the Bible, yet without Jesus, fear will take control and prevent kids from following God’s plan for their lives. So, what can be done to help? Well, it’s kind of a simple idea with lots of moving parts. You can pray, volunteer, donate, spread the word of who CEF is and what Good News Clubs can do for children in our area. Church can partner with CEF by praying, donating, sponsoring a Good News Club, and recruiting volunteers to serve in the Good News Club to reach children in their area. CEF will be there bridging the distance between schools, churches, and volunteers; also by providing curriculum, training the volunteers, and provide out 84 years of experience evangelizing, discipling, and connecting kids and families to local churches. Elementary schools can partner with CEF and the local church to watch God change the lives of children, their schools, and their communities. What message do we want to reach them with? A message of love, hope, and wonder authored by a loving and forgiving God who seeks to always be with them. He promises to never leave us, and desires to be our helper and provider. Therefore, kids need not to be afraid and put their trust in God, the creator of all things! Check back with us next week, same day and place, for the answers to some tough questions children are asking and where those answers can be found.

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