New “Good News”

Let me tell you about my Jesus and all the ways He is working. Child Evangelism Fellowship is so excited that kids are back in school again! Not only is this an exciting time of year normally, but let’s be honest….normal hasn’t happened in a while and kids crave that! Reopening of schools allows us the change to rebuild those relationships with kids, YOUR kids, and a chance to learn new faces! Good News Clubs bring the gospel and hope to many children throughout the world (ALL but ONE country!) and more importantly, here in our own back yard. Rockingham County is up and running with 3 Good News Clubs starting this fall and more of them to come! Guilford County has currently elected not to open their schools to any outside groups at this time. This does NOT mean that we aren’t getting creative with ideas on how to reach our community. Please pray about this….(and more to come)…we KNOW God is working! We are excited for all that God is doing with the children and looking forward to all the open doors this creates between schools and churches. Check back with us each week to see all the things we are stepping into, how your donations are being used, and tips to answering some of life’s toughest questions.

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