Friendraising Banquet 2017

Our Friendraising Banquet on September 23, 2017 was a great gathering of friends – old and new.

Caleb Serrano, 5-year old Inspirational Worship Leader,  inspired us all with his music.  Check back soon for video of his music at the banquet.


Alex McFarland was our keynote speaker for the evening. Alex is a speaker, writer and advocate for Christian apologetics. He serves as director of the Center for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University, a leading Christian college in the United States. He has spoken in hundreds of locations throughout North America and internationally and has preached in more than 1,300 churches.

Alex shared his testimony about coming to Christ through the witness of his wife, Angie, who came to Christ in a Good News Club when she was 9-years old.

You can click here to learn more about Alex McFarland.

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